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Benjamin Ady

B.A. Psych, M.SpeechPath, CPSP, HCSP


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Benjamin has extensive experience dealing with children on the Autism Spectrum. He finds it profoundly rewarding to establish relationships with and ultimately help children who may otherwise find it difficult to connect with new people. Benjamin is responsible for speech and language assessments and Auditory Training programs at neuroCare’s Listen And Learn Centre in Balwyn, Melbourne.

Originally from the United States, Benjamin completed a Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA) followed by a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne.

He was motivated to pursue a career in speech pathology to offer help for children with speech and language disorders, autism spectrum disorder and a range of other or correlated difficulties and disorders.

Benjamin has worked with the Listen And Learn Centre in Melbourne since 2013 as a Senior Speech Pathologist. Prior to that, Benjamin ran his own business as an Autism consultant and play-based therapist for children on the autism spectrum, utilising frameworks and practices from the more developmental perspective on autism treatment.

Ever-present and showing compassion for both the child and parent, Benjamin is family-centred and finds it rewarding to work with children and help them become better able to communicate. In addition, he helps parents become more adept at helping their children grow and develop in the areas of verbal and non-verbal communication, interactive attention span and social-emotional flexibility.

Benjamin is often able to connect with children who have had difficulty establishing relationships with other therapists and helps parents find ways to capitalise on their children’s inherent motivations towards building social rapport and interaction, key to their child’s development.

Through working at neuroCare’s Listen And Learn Centre in Melbourne, Benjamin sees the real-world result of neuromodulation therapies such as Neurofeedback and Auditory Training and believes it to be a beneficial addition to a therapy program.

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