Classroom Integration Program

All children should have the opportunity to achieve at their own rate and to their full potential. Some children need extra assistance and resources to experience academic success and to be accepted by their peers. In conjunction with its school and kindergarten assessments, the Listen And Learn Centre provides programs to assist children with particular difficulties to integrate better into the classroom environment.

The aim of the program is to create increased learning and developmental opportunities for the child within their current school setting.

Following assessment, the integration program takes into consideration the range of the child’s needs. These may include: socialising difficulties, anxiety, attention difficulties, learning issues or behavioural problems.

Examples of difficulties with social relationships may include: giving the “wrong signals” e.g. not looking at a person they are approaching, difficulty reading facial expressions and auditory issues which prevent them from understanding what their peers are saying in a crowded room.

Examples of attention difficulties may include: not following or forgetting the teacher’s instructions, failing to complete set tasks or homework and messy school work.

In collaboration with parents and school staff, the Listen And Learn Centre designs individually tailored programs to maximise the child’s capacity to participate more fully in school activities. This requires healthy self-esteem, well-established work habits and a repertoire of socially appropriate behaviours.

Programs may include:

Strategies for the child

The goal of strategies for the child is to strengthen his or her learning and coping skills. The program may include a combination of literacy programs, social skills training, counselling, behaviour management workshops. Children are treated respectfully as individuals, given responsibility for their own behavioural choices and taught how to be resourceful in solving problems

Strategies for school staff

The Listen And Learn Centre works collaboratively with staff to incorporate further teaching tools and techniques as well as recommendations for practical adaptations which may assist the child both individually and during group activities

Strategies for parents

The Listen And Learn Centre provides family counselling sessions to support parents and also behavioural management workshops for parents who wish to enhance their skills as parents, gain confidence in setting boundaries and support the development of positive self-esteem in their child

Helpful Tips for Parents

  • Share with your child some positive memories or stories of your own school days
  • Talk positively about school and teachers
  • Talk about friendships and how to be a good friend
  • Take your child to your local library and choose books together
  • Talk about letters, words, numbers you see while out and about together
  • Encourage your child’s curiosity by asking questions and encouraging questions in return
  • Introduce yourself to the families of other children at school

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