Cognitive Assessment

If you find yourself making the following observations of your child, you might consider enquiring about a Cognitive Assessment

  • My child finds learning difficult and sometimes overwhelming.
  • My child is able to read, spell and do maths above his/her peers, is he/she above grade level?
  • I want my child to be happy and learning to his/her potential, what can I do?
  • The teacher says that my child cannot retain what he/she has learned and we need to do more
  • We read every night but he/she struggles to move to the next reading level
  • My child has specific learning weaknesses and many strengths; could the weaknesses be impacting his/her learning
  • Is my child performing in literacy and/or numeracy typical for his/her age?
  • The teacher says that my child is very bright but this is not being reflected in his/her schoolwork
  • My child gets easily bored in class and is performing above his/her peers; is my child gifted?
  • My child gets easily bored in class and is performing above his/her peers; is my child gifted?
  • My child comes home and says he/she hates school, it is too easy/difficulty, and I worried that his/her motivation to learn will be impacted by it

What is a Cognitive Assessment?

A cognitive assessment is designed to provide information about a person’s capacities across a broad range of abilities and will provide information about your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the tests involved in a cognitive assessment will analyse the way in which your child:

  • Thinks, reasons and solves problems with and without words,
  • Processes visual and auditory information,
  • attends and focuses on a task, and
  • recalls information stored in short term and long-term memory.

How this can support your child

Along with providing information about your child’s general intellectual functioning, a comprehensive cognitive assessment is particularly valuable in gaining a greater understanding of your child’s cognitive abilities (strengths in specific areas like in reasoning, verbal vocabulary, or areas such as memory, or visual processing, etc.). The assessment is also useful in that it can be used to evaluate specific learning strengths and weaknesses or difficulties,  which may be impacting your child’s learning and academic achievement.

A detailed picture of your child’s cognitive profile will allow health professionals and teachers to assist in the management of any learning strengths and or weaknesses/difficulties, so that the school can modify the curriculum to assist your child reach his/her potential.

At The Listen And Learn Centre, our Cognitive assessments are tailored to particular concerns. These assessments also include individualized recommendations as part of the process, so that both parents and teachers alike are equipped to assist your child in realizing their full academic capability.

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