Diagnostic Assessment

A diagnostic assessment is a comprehensive individual assessment that involves gathering developmental, emotional, social, health and family history, as well as information from childcare, pre-school or school on the emotional, psychological, social, developmental and learning ability of the individual. We provide these assessments for children and adults.

This assessment also includes observations and the administration of assessments such as cognitive and educational tests, speech and language assessments, auditory processing and tests of attention,  which are chosen dependent on the difficulties of the child or teenager, and interpreting these results.

The goal of the diagnostic assessment is to learn about the individual’s abilities and difficulties, and in this process assist to identify if the individual has symptoms and difficulties that are severe enough to qualify for a specific diagnosis.

The diagnostic assessment may include the following assessments, based on the needs and difficulties of the individual:

  • Attention testing
  • Auditory processing testing
  • Behaviour and functioning assessment
  • Cognitive and educational abilities assessment
  • Pervasive developmental diagnostic assessment
  • Psychological and emotional assessment
  • Speech and Language assessment
  • Social Skills assessment
  • Screening for difficulties in fine and gross motor skills

Disorders and Difficulties which can be diagnosed from this assessment

Pervasive Developmental Delay-NOS

Anxiety and other affective difficulties

Psychological and emotional assessment

Behaviour problems including oppositional and conduct disorder

Screening for sensory processing difficulties

A written report detailing the assessment, tests, results, interpretations and recommendations including interventions and referrals, will be provided as part of your face to face feedback session.

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